Get Settled in a New Space

Rent out a living space at our facility in Fairfield, IL

Struggling to find a place to live? Keys Storage and Rental LLC has you covered. We have plenty of living spaces available for you to use. You and your roommates will love the new place.

Start renting a living space in Fairfield, IL today.

Move into one of our available rental homes

Our rental properties are extremely popular with young people looking for places to live. The single-family units we rent out are great for anyone just getting their start in the area.

The units we offer are great for:

  • College students
  • Recent graduates
  • People without credit

Once you've filled out your application, we'll send pictures to show you the kind of rental space you'd be getting. You can then visit our buildings to get a closer look.

Learn more about the rental properties available in Fairfield, IL by calling now.